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Saturday, September 11, 2010

What's For Dinner

Cowboy Beans and Cornbread

Well, last night's meal was quite fun.

For one, I was able to make most of the meal out on the back porch instead of heating up my kitchen.  I used a rice cooker/multipurpose cooker for the beans and then made the cornbread in a regular crockpot.

I browned the meat and onions in my beautiful stainless steel chicken fryer.   {I love this pan!}  I then assembled the rest of the ingredients in the cooker and cooked on high until it reduced down and turned itself on to the keep warm function.  This fool=proof mechanism is wonderful for cooks that get distracted with kids, the UPS man, the Schwan man, the dog getting loose, etc....... :)

The cornbread was just two Jiffy boxes of the cornbread mix, made according to package directions.  Although it turned out good and the family really liked it, I think next time I will try something different with the ingredients to make it even more moist because my crockpot is old and the heating element is around the perimeter leaving the center to take longer to cook.  I've made cakes in the crockpot and will try the same recipe but use the cornbread mix and let you know how it turns out.

Kim's Cowboy Beans Recipe

Jiffy Cornbread Recipe

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